Generating Electricity

Generating Electricity

Hurricane season has officially begun in South Florida. The news is making sure everybody knows to stock up on emergency items and even the state has a tax holiday for items like generators and batteries when the electricity goes out.

I have discussed getting a generator with hubs, and he agrees that a generator would be a good idea to keep our communication and refrigeration alive. One of his favorite sayings is, “I’m not that trendy,” so I expect a little resistance when I present the electrical generator I’d like to purchase.

Goal Zero Solar Electrical Generator
Medium use, moderately priced at just over $500

My favorite system is made by Goal Zero. I like it because it is ruggedly built with traveling through the wilderness in mind. There are many models to choose from, and I certainly could go for a bigger system, this is a good starting point however. It covers the basic power concerns I have. The system is modular and many accessory options designed with the same integrity are available.

In making the sale with hubs, I will point out that we do not need to deal with gasoline and all the inherent problems. Finding gas, porting gas, fumes, exhaust, running out of fuel, etc. Even the maintenance of this system is far less than one would expect with a gas generator. PLUS, operation is SILENT.

What’s not to like?

Check Goal Zero out for your own emergency (or boondock camping) energy needs.